CMC Rebel’s Silver Stream

Foaled  4/3/2018

Silver bay colt  ~ cannon bone 7.25”

AMHA # A 232471

 AMHR # 344420T

Sire: Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelsupreme
Dam: Buckeye WCF Paposo Silver Song

Stream is a very handsome silver bay colt, AMHA/AMHR. He is sired by the well known World Champion and World Champion producer Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelsupreme  (a son of Lucky Four Rebels Chasin Rainbows and grandson of Sid’s Rebel) and out of our World GRAND Champion mare, Buckeye WCF Paposo Silver Song. Stream is very balanced with nice head, long neck with a good sloping shoulder, straight legs, strong hip and a fun personality. He is 30.25” tall as an yearling.  

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Stream21.jpg Stream25.jpg Stream22.jpg Lucky_Four_Rebelchase_RebelSupreme_right-new_op_647x806.jpg

Sire ~
Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelsupreme

Silver Song5.jpg

Dam ~
Buckeye WCF Paposo Silver Song

Stream27.jpg Stream28.jpg