CMC Standing Applause

Black Appaloosa colt - foaled  4/12/2018

with 7.75” cannon bone

AMHA # A pending

AMHR #  pending

SIRE: CMC Found My Spot

DAM: CMC Dotted Signora

Beside his great conformation and color, Applause boasts about his being DOUBLE bred grandson of the great ALLIANCE SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE. We have planned on crossing Dotted Line’s daughter on his son or grandson and this cross did not disappoint. Applause has a long hoockey neck that seems to be a trademark of his sire, CMC Found My Spot, since all 3 foals of his born in 2018 have the same neck set. He is a fun colt to be around!

He was tested LP/lp, PATN1/patn1 and is HOMOZYGOUS for black gene.


Applause23.jpg Applause20.jpg Applause27.jpg Sire: CMC Found My Spot Applause21.jpg Spotty10.jpg WadeDreamSIRELuckyFourRebelchaseRealDreamycrop.jpg Dam: CMC Dotted Signora Applause26.jpg Applause25.jpg Grandsire: Alliance Sign On The Dotted Line Dotted Line.jpg