CMC Jacob’s Black Eyed Susan

Foaled  4/23/2022

Black/Grey filly

AMHA # A  241618

  AMHR # 356501T

Sire: CMC Jesse’s Gem Lodestar
Dam: Lucky Four Domino Neon Nites


Susie is a pretty & correct little mare that is projected to mature at  31" - 32” tall. Her pedigree is TOP-OF-THE-LINE!

Susie's sire is World GRAND CHAMPION CMC Jesses Gem Lodestar who is sired by TRIPLE REGISTERED stallion, MCCARTHYS JESSE JAMES OF RIVENBURGH.

We LOVE the blending of Shetland with the classical Miniature lines that made Lucky Four Farms an icon in the Mini Horse industry.

This carefully planned Shetland/Miniature blend resulted in a TINY, correct mare with the best trait of both Mini & Pony.

Susie is upright and showy with a long, well set-neck, rarely seen in horses THIS small.

We feel she will make a true asset to any Miniature Horse breeding program once she retires from the show ring.

Susie is black based, fading into a lovely grey like her beautiful dam.


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Susie3a.jpg Susie2a.jpg Jacob27.jpg

SIRE: CMC Jesse’s Gem Lodestar


DAM: Lucky Four Domino Neon Nites