CMC Jacob’s Simone

Foaled  5/14/2020

Sorrel pinto  filly

AMHA # A  237331

  AMHR # 350473T

Sire: CMC Jesses Gem Lodestar

Dam: Lucky Four Dominos Neon Nites

This classy young mare has it ALL going on!

Simone is a beautifully balanced mare with flashy, colorful markings.

 Do you want to talk PEDIGREE?

Simone is sired by the incredible World Grand Champion stallion, CMC Jesses Gem Lodestar (aka "Jacob"). Jacob is a direct son of the Triple Registered Shetland sensation, MCCARTHYS JESSE JAMES OF RIVENBURGH.

Simone's dam has an impressive pedigree as well. Her lineage includes many famous Miniatures including: L & D Scout; Sids Rebel; FWF Little Blue Boy; Wittmaacks Mickey Mouse - EPIC stallions that have helped to shape the Miniature Horse industry.

This crossing of modern Shetland lines, through her sire, and classical Miniature Horse lines through her dam, has created the perfect blend.

We'd love to see this lovely pinto in a serious SHOW home!

 PRICED WELL AT $3,800.00     


Simone6.jpg Simone7.jpg Jocob-205 Small.jpg Sire: CMC Jesse’s Gem Lodestar Simone8.jpg Simone9.jpg Simone11.jpg Simone4.jpg Nites3.jpg Dam: Lucky Four Domino Neon Nites